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The following are current jobs for which I'm recruiting qualified candidates. My clients pay my fee, and interview and relocation expenses. For most of these which are direct to me, I have no active competition either from other applicants nor from other recruiters.

An ASTERISK on the title line indicates that those jobs are from affilliate recruiters and that I
probably do not know the clients identity, and that a cover letter may need to insure full &
accurate comprehension of all parameters (location, industry, scope, magnitude, role, & salary )
by my affiliate to insure his willingness to submit your resume to his/her client.

    Since I maintain over 90 opt-in lists. and time is always a factor for me (40 average
    per day emails) Updatiing this site takes second place to my efforts in broadcasting
    detailed job specs to those who receive those from me by eduction, location, industry
    or job title. My rule of thumb is to post jobs about a week after I have had a chance
    to broadcast the same specs to the hundreds of relevant candidates whose emails I maintain.

    To get an up to the week understanding of the jobs I am actively working on Click for that information posted with the same time protocol.

    If you are not getting detailed specs from me on a regular basis. you might want to consider viewing my lists page. Click for description of my 90 + different opt-in lists.

    For jobs with employers seeking candidates in the following industries or with specific college degrees BS, MS or PhD..

    Electrical & -Electronics, Controls, Automation / nanotech related jobs.-

    Analog & Digital Design - RF & Microwave, automation, controls, robotics, semiconductor,
    Optics, thin films, nanotech, power, GFI, etc.


    Design - Mfg. Process Eng - Product & Projects Mgt, Research/ Developent, Printing, Food, Oils, Chemicals, Resins, Plastics, Petrochem, Rubber, Cap Equip, Automation, Packaging, Controls applications, etc.

    Biotech, Res. Chemists, Drug, Food, Pharma, Med Devices -

    Chemical, Distribution, Process, Project, Plant Eng, Systems, Tech Ceramics -

    Jobs in Research/ Developent, Chemicals, Resins, Plastics, Rubber, Instrumental analysis, organic synthesis, formulation, biotech, drugs, ceramics, nanotechnology, drug delivery systems, etc.

    Arch / Civil / Struct Eng & Const, Water/waste, Petrochem & Mining. -

    Admin, Hum Res, Finance, & TRAINING jobs-

    Enviro, Health, Safety, related.-

    Buyers, Purchasing Agents & Mgrs -

    SALES, Busn Develpt, Distribution, Logistics, Marketing, -

    Six Sigma & Quality Eng / Mgt - all industries, all locations. -

    Software Eng & IT Infotech Solutions jobs -

    Industrial Eng, Mfg Eng, Prodn, Plt Eng, Facils, Maint, Gen/Ops mgt see MECHANICAL above..